The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) ensures reliable information on construction products in relation to their performance. This is achieved by providing a "common technical language", offering uniform assessment methods of the performance of construction products.

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DoP Lookup Codes are found on specific product data sheets.
Example 1: AccuRiser™ Rollable Ribbon Cable 8RIO-nnn-v-j where nnn = fiber count, v is version and j is jacket; Enter 8RIO-144-A-D
Example 2: M-Pack® Backbone Cable MB30-nnn-v-j; Enter MB30-012-A-H
Example 3: MiDia® SAFE All Dielectric Indoor/Outdoor Cable HSS1-nnn-E-f where nnn = elements per cable and f = Fiber Type; Enter HSS1-006-E-A
Example 4: AccuTube® Rollable Ribbon (RR) I/O Cable ATIO-nnnn-v-j where nnnn = elements per cable, v is Version and j is Jacket; Enter ATIO-1728-A-D